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Minimally Invasive Surgery

Medical science has advanced very rapidly over the last few decades and minimally invasive surgery has become the standard of care. Advent of newer technology has made almost all surgeries of the female genital organs amenable to minimally invasive approach either through laparoscope or hysteroscope. These are key hole surgeries with very tiny scars or in the case of hysteroscopy scarless surgery. These surgeries provide the benefit of less pain, rapid recovery, short hospital stay and early return to work-all contributing to the comfort of the patient. The results of these surgeries are sometimes even better than open surgery due to increase in precision achieved due to better visualisation and magnification. 

Advantages of Minimally invasive surgery over conventional open surgery

  • Lesser Blood Loss
  • Lower Post Operative pain
  • Shorter Stay at Hospital.
  • Lesser abdominal wall infections 
  • Fast Recovery from surgery wounds.
  • Less chances of incisional hernia
  • Better cosmetically as small scars or scarless

These surgeries should be performed only by an expert and experienced surgeon. Just because it is a minimally invasive surgery does not mean it is a minor surgery.


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